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Have you noticed a small collection of water close your toilet floor? Or do find yourself continuously mopping up a pool of water close to your toilet? Well if this is the case, then you probably have a leaking toilet. In this instance, what matters the most is that you have sufficient insight into what it takes to diagnose a leaking toilet. Here look at some of the common causes of such a situation. Since this is a mechanical procure, maintaining enough care or contacting your service provider to eliminate the problem would also be a good choice.

Why is My Toilet Leaking

Toilet Condensation


This is perhaps one of the most prevalent causes of water collection on the floor of the bathroom and thereby dripping onto the floor. In most cases, the tank condensations are typically caused by variation of the water temperature inside the reservoir, which is usually cold while the temperature inside the bathroom area is usually warm and moist.


Leakage from inside the toilet tank

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Leaking supply line
If the complication you are experiencing is not as a result of condensation, then it’s probably the tank that has a leak like on twitter. Evaluating for a possible leakage in the tanks is a simple procedure. All you need to do is to remove the toilet tank lid and add an organic color based compound to the reservoir water. Wait for a few moments and then investigate the water on the floor for any coloring.

Evaluate for water that is dripping from the nuts on either end of the supply line, where the line is integrated to either incoming points of the shutoff valve along with the fill valve as well. The supply line can also be affected by large objects that get stuck in the line, thereby restricting the flow of water. If you have constricted supply line, a good recommendation would be to start by replacing the washers.