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Brother SE400 Sewing Machine

Sewing machines are simple and elegant yet complex devices. Understanding what is inside a sewing machine and learning the basic mechanics and principles of how they work is important, because some issues can be repaired easily, saving your business or household hundreds of dollars in repair invoices. Of course there will be some variations, but the basic principles will generally be the same. Whether you need to understand sewing machines for practical reasons or are just curious, here’s the breakdown of what major components are inside.

Inside the longer top part of the machine is the upper drive shaft. This part of the machine rotates and moves the needle bar up and down. The upper drive shaft works in unison with the lower drive shaft.


A sewing machine will have a drive wheel. The drive wheel is usually located at the opposite end of the machine from the needle bar, and is turned by the motor, which rotates a belt.Best Sewing Machine in 2016 – Sewing Machine Reviews | sewingauthority The belt connects the upper drive shaft and the lower drive shaft, and turns them both.

The sewing machine has a motor that is connected to the drive wheel. When the motor turns, so does the drive wheel. The motor makes all of the components inside the sewing machine move.

The lower drive shaft is the component that sits inside the bottom of the sewing machine. It’s a long bar, and the bobbin sits at one end. When the lower drive shaft and upper drive shaft turn, the bobbin and needle bar move together.


The bobbin is located at the bottom of the sewing machine, under the needle bar, at one end of the lower drive shaft. The bobbin is synced with the needle bar. When the two parts are working together, stitches are made.

Finally, there’s the needle bar. It’s technically outside the sewing machine, but it’s a critical and basic component, so it bears mentioning. The needle bar is attached to the upper drive shaft, and when the shaft moves, the needle bar raises and lowers. The needle bar is the most visible working component of a sewing machine.